The Difference

When we opened in 1967, our objectives were clear: carry the finest equipment; offer liberal and straightforward policies; be big enough to provide extensive services and competitive prices but small enough to know our customers. Since 1967, audio and video technologies have made great strides, our industry has been transformed, and we have championed these advances. Through it all, however, the human factor has remained constant. Our customers have not become “digitized” and neither has our way of doing business. Whether you are purchasing a cost-no-object whole-house audio/video system, or simply a table radio, we continue to follow our guiding principles.

North American Debut of the Ayre QX-5

We are proud to announce that Audio Consultants has been chosen to host the North American debut of the Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty digital hub. Alex Brinkman of Ayre Acoustics will be here on Saturday, June 18th at our Evanston location to introduce the QX-5.  

The QX-5 includes the finest DAC Ayre has ever designed. Building on the discoveries made with the Pono project and the incredibly successful Codex, the QX-5 takes advantage of the brand-new ESS 9038PRO DAC chip and a custom-made crystal oscillator for the clocking circuit to produce a DAC whose capabilities are much more than just an extension of Ayre’s previous designs.

The QX-5 is also the most versatile digital product Ayre has ever made. With 10 digital inputs, a remote volume control and a built-in headphone amp, it can be the centerpiece of an all digital source system. The QX-5 also features WiFi network streaming capabilities so you can access all the music you have on your computers and hard drives and stream from Internet music providers such as Tidal and Deezer.

To see, hear and learn about this wonderful new product drop by our Evanston store on Saturday, June 18th between 11 and 5, 1014 Davis Street, Evanston, IL 60201.